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FW22 Collection Inspiration

This season, Kevin Swan posed the question to his son, Gavin Swan:

"What is one common heavy issue or challenge do you see weighing people in school?"

His response: "IDENTITY and AUTHENTICITY". Kevin wasn't surprised by this, having grappled with similar issues throughout his career. It's a sentiment shared not only personally but by countless individuals trying to meet societal expectations, constantly feeling they're falling short of others' standards.

• The book The Cure is in no way affiliated with Road Rash or this collection but rather the inspiration to visually tell the story of this collection.


While digging deep to unpack this weighing uncertainty, they began studying a book called The Cure, written by John Lynch.

This book alone began to answer, uncover and expose secrets unknown to Kevin. Secrets of inauthenticity and an understanding of "the mask" we wear to hide our true identity.

It was this book that had a profound and life changing impact on the two. So much so, it was the catalyst that inspired the FW22 collection for Road Rash.

The two worked closely with graffiti artist, Tomi Vegan to interpret a visual creative story board that depicts the story of one man, surrounded by many mask of all kinds trying to latch onto him.

However this person also surrounds himself with words of affirmation and positivity like Authenticity, Be Something Real, Legacy and Happy Now.

By the power of GOD, the guidance of truly humble people and the book The Cure, the two had a new and clear direction... and it wasn't theirs. It Was GOD's.

If you are interested in reading the book, The Cure

You Can Buy It Here

Meet Tomi Vegan

FW22 Collection - Graffiti Design Artist

Who Is Tomi Vegan


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