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Tomi Vegan comes from a small European country of Slovenia. Growing up in 80s and 90s, he was strongly affected by the growing skateboarding scene. He totally fell into everything that surrounded the scene back then, so he found himself into punk/hardcore and the graphitti world very early of his life. Quickly he knew this will have a deep impact on his life. He was still skating, never stopped to this day, and is still trying to keep a band together and hanging around train yards at night with a spraycan bag.

In 1999, Tomi graduated with a masters degree in interior design. Shortly after this, his life went forward in the only logical path, He started to work in the skateboard and music industry, covering the design department for music labels, bands, skateboard and clothing companies etc.

Work brought him to Spain where he fell in love with fine art and began to exhibit his non comercial work around the galleries, not only trains and walls.

"Along the way, I met Kevin from Road Rash. His ideas and my style quickly clicked and together we began to create a cool contemporary visual to represent the story of his life incorporated into a first Road Rash apparel collection. I'm glad we met as I really like his ideas and I think we have a lot to say and to show together."


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